Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross

February 7, 2018

Originally aired: Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Category: News
Hanna Scott on the bills in Olympia to lower your car tabs // Hanna Scott on the gun control bills in Olympia // Elliot Katz and Shai Magzimof from Phantom Auto on driving cars via remote control // Molly McKew from Politico on how Twitterbots fueled #releasethememo // Dr. Steven Masley explains how sugar is killing your brain // Colleen O'Brien's dose of kindness -- Colby fundraising update // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on Malcolm Butler/ Josh McDaniels/ UW football // Feliks Banel on the search for a B-18 bomber that left McChord Field 77 years ago, and disappeared

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