Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross

April 25, 2018

Originally aired: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Category: News
Larry Magid live on the potential for government regulation of social media/ the death of Net Neutrality // Major Garrett on the Iran nuclear negotiations/ North Korean nuclear negotiations // Hanna Scott on the state Superintendent's radical idea to ask parents how school budgets should be prioritized // Colleen O'Brien's dose of kindness -- semi truck drivers line up under overpass to stop suicidal man // Danny O'Neil on the Condoleezza Rice-led effort to the corruption-plagued "one and done" philosophies of college basketball // Don Kirk in Seoul with the South Korean reaction to the whiplash change of heart between the North and South and America // Feliks Banel with the twisty tale of the two enormous guns at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island

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