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Aging in Place-Windermere and Golden Heritage Financial

Originally aired: Sunday, July 1, 2018
Category: Life
Downsizing with Kirk Vaux and Kelly Hodson! Pete here, and I just went through a major downsizing project in my mom’s home – that means getting rid of the years and years of clothing and clutter that’s been collected by your mom and dad. This is not something you want to get stuck doing! Pete talks with Kirk of Windermere Real Estate who’s an expert at helping the elderly and children of the elderly get a plan and take action now to reduce the clutter and downsize for a possible future transition. What if your mom and dad don’t want to move? Pete covers that as well talking with Kelly of Golden Heritage Financial about the benefits and ease in getting a reverse mortgage so you can stay in your home. Whether you want to sell or stay Pete and his friends Kirk and Kelly got you covered.