Ross Files with Dave Ross

Jason Rittereiser, Candidate for Washington's 8th District

Originally aired: Friday, August 3, 2018
Category: News
I was born and raised in Ellensburg. My dad was a police chief and my mom started the Children’s Museum while raising my brother and me. I graduated from Ellensburg High School and am a proud Ellensburg Bulldog. Growing up in a small town, I learned the difference between right and wrong. I also learned the value of hard work. My first job was on a hay farm in the Kittitas Valley. I drove a swather and bucked hay to pay for college at the University of Washington and then law school in Chicago. I started my career as a prosecutor for King County, where I worked every day to protect our community and hold criminals accountable. Now, as a lawyer, I fight for employees who have been cheated by big corporations. I have represented grocery workers, hotel employees, nurses, factory workers, and thousands of Washington employees. I’ve taken on billionaires, corporations, and even the government to fight for what’s right – one case at a time. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and the people I have protected. I am deeply disappointed at what’s happening in the other Washington. I want to take my experience fighting for regular people against powerful interests – back to Congress. We need a strong leader finally fighting for our right to quality affordable healthcare, an excellent education, and childcare. We need to protect our public lands, water, and air. I will stand up against the most powerful people and corporations – as I have my entire career – and always fight for what’s right. When I look at the people of the 8th district, I see just that – people. I see machinists, firefighters, police officers, teachers, and all the other hard-working people I will fight for every day. That’s who deserves a voice in our government, not billionaires and big corporations. Our representatives have been beholden to those billionaires and corporations for too long. They’re taking away healthcare from tho

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