Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Keiko Agena, Hawaiian Food

Originally aired: Monday, September 17, 2018
Category: Life
Honolulu's own Keiko Agena, best known as Rory's BFF Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls (one of Rachel's "comfort food" shows) has inspired a Your Last Meal first - Hawaiian cuisine! Pile your plate with two scoops of rice and one scoop mac salad  as we get the history of two of the islands' staple dishes: plate lunch and loco moco with Hawaiian food experts Hi'ilei Hobart and Ligaya Malones. And then, did you know Hawaii eats more SPAM per capita than any place on Earth? Rachel talks to Hormel's brand manager Brian "Spam Man" Lillis about the disputed history and incredible success of the iconic 81 year-old canned precooked luncheon meat product. Check out Keiko's book "No Mistakes: A Workbook for Imperfect Artists" wherever books are sold. It's an activity book for artists of all types and stages filled with coloring a writing prompts designed to get through all-too-common psychological blocks and inspire you to grow and be creative!

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