Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Paul Reiser, Onion Bagel with Lox from Barney Greengrass

Originally aired: Monday, December 10, 2018
Category: Life
Comedy legend, author, and actor Paul Reiser (Mad About You, Stranger Things) is a New York native whose last meal is as classic and old-school NYC as it gets! Barney Greengrass has been serving up scrambled eggs with sturgeon, bagels with lox, and black and white cookies since 1908. Rachel talks with 3rd-generation owner Gary Greengrass about the origins of his Upper West Side institution and how they've managed to stay in business, through wars and economic crashes, for 110 years. Rachel also digs into the history of another legendary NYC staple: the black and white cookie. And Paul tells us why he firmly believes that when it comes to food, simpler is better. See Paul Reiser on tour, follow his TV/movie appearances, and buy any of his best-selling books at paulreiser.com. If you don't live in "The Big Apple" (that's what the locals call it!!!!), you can still order the best smoked fish in the country at barneygreengrass.com.

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