Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross

December 18, 2018

Originally aired: Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Category: News
Jill Schlesinger on whether the markets are headed for "capitulation" // Hanna Scott marks one year since the Amtrak derailment with one of the survivors // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- an engineering fix for cyclists on 520 Bridge // Col. Jeff McCausland live on U.S.-Taliban talks/ Somalia airstrikes // Colleen O'Brien's daily dose of kindness -- Home Depot hires 6-year-old as a greeter (and he's really good at it) // Danny O'Neil with playoff math/ a KJ Wright injury update // Hanna Scott with Governor Inslee's plan to combat opioid overdoses // David Fahrenthold live on the President's decision to close his charity

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