Ross Files with Dave Ross

Shelly Klier, The Inspiring Success Story of a Former Repeat Offender

Originally aired: Monday, September 23, 2019
Category: News
The odds are stacked against former inmates the day they're released from prison. Opportunities for a job, let alone a new career path, are few and far between. Dave Ross talks with Shelly Klier, a former inmate and addict with 14 felonies, who had been to prison three times. Now, she's a successful welder and graduate of the Post Prison Education Program, a local nonprofit that provides funding for former prisoners to attain a post-secondary education. Shelly tells the story behind her addiction, repeat offenses and incarceration, and how she managed to turn her life around completely, in spite of it all. This episode is part of ongoing coverage on the work of the Post Prison Education Program. You can listen to an interview with Ari Kohn, founder of the program, here.

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