Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Best of: Greta Gerwig & Molly Yeh: Funfetti!

Originally aired: Thursday, January 9, 2020
Category: Life
Director and actor Greta Gerwig chatted with host Rachel Belle two years ago, after her award winning coming-of-age film Lady Bird came out. Now she's back with a new movie, the Louisa May Alcott classic Little Women, so we decided to spruce up the old episode and re-release it, nice and fresh and funky for 2020.When it comes to food, Greta has a soft spot for sentimental childhood favorites, including the ubiquitous 1990s birthday party staple: boxed Pillsbury Funfetti cake.But some folks are, ahem, thinking outside the box. Molly Yeh, host of Food Network's Girl Meets Farm, tirelessly recipe tested nine different types of sprinkles and three cake batters to perfect her homemade 'sprinkle cake.' She chronicled her journey on her popular blog, My Name Is Yeh, and joins the show to talk all things sprinkles...including how to make your own.Follow along on Instagram, and feel free to email host Rachel Belle anytime (any hour! any day!) at rbelle@bonneville.com with your feedback, stories, and guest suggestions! We would love to hear from you.